Your Story Is Still Being Written (2)_ed

Catie Samantha Peck, LMSW

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What is Your True Story? 

Have you had a safe space to tell it?

Or is the story inside of you making you depressed or anxious?

Telling our story is a proven method to heal trauma.

Sometimes our thoughts are stories that have been told to us, that aren't true.  

Other times, our life experiences can hold competing truths…

As an adopted person, you may feel a sense of love for your adoptive family but may also experience feelings of deep pain, loss, and identity confusion when you think of your first family. 

As a caregiver, you may feel a sense of joy when sharing cherished moments with your loved one  but may also experience feelings of anger for the loss of the life you dreamt of in retirement. 

As a grieving person, you may feel despair over the loss of your family member  but may also feel a strong feeling of relief that you no longer have to watch them suffer.

Do you see some of yourself in these stories? Who can you curiously explore your truths with, in all of their complexity? Counseling allows me to hold space for your life story - It is still being written!  

My specialty is: adoption trauma/CPTSD, trauma, grief & loss and working with the Veteran/caregiver population. I am passionate about helping adopted adults, survivors of trauma, older adults and people that are grieving. I enjoy working with complex families and all members of the adoption constellation (18+ only).

I have a particular passion for working with adopted adults and exploring their needs surrounding reunion with first family, identity and belonging.

I have lived experience as a domestic adoptee in reunion and have extensive post-graduate training in mind-body trauma work; attachment repatterning; & geriatric care management. 

Let me offer you a safe space to write a new ending that offers you healing.

I invite you to reach out to me to see how we might work together. I offer evening, weekend, and telehealth appointments at this time. I strive to create a space that is warm, inclusive and judgement free... with humor encouraged!

"Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing that we will ever do."
- Brene Brown


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  4. Dial 911 if you are having thoughts of hurting yourself, hurting others, or killing yourself.