Would you like to talk to an counselor, but a local counselor is unavailable, or you are unable to make office visits?
Has the pandemic made you most comfortable doing much of your care virtually?
Are you a caregiver or parent in a situation that makes getting out of the home for appointments difficult?
Do you prefer appointments ‘on the go’ via your iPad or phone?
Are you seeking a specialty like Adoption Trauma Competence and there is not a clinician in your area that offers this?

If any of these statements make sense in your world, my offer of teletherapy may be the right counseling option for you.
Teletherapy is counseling appointments that use secure video conferencing technology.
Individuals do not need to be tech savvy – a click on an email link to join an appointment via a smartphone, tablet, or computer is all that is needed.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy generally takes place once a week for 50 minutes.
The frequency and length of session may vary depending on treatment needs.

Adoption Trauma Coaching

​I offer 50 minute sessions with adopted adults and members of the entire adoption constellation.
Available to anyone in the state of New York, including New York City.